Roll Top Computer Desks

Who says trends from centuries ago cannot somehow make a comeback? Just take the roll top desk, for example. It had fallen out of favor with most people almost as soon as the metal pedestal desk was first created, and has been – for decades now – more of an oddity than anything else. Still, it somehow managed to linger on in the collective consciousness of consumers, and today stands poised to make a dramatic turnaround in a new and more modernized form: roll top computer desks.

Roll Top Computer Desks – They’re back

Roll Top Computer Desks If you used to own one of these roll top wonders, you might wonder how roll top computer desks differ from the other types of roll top desks that were once so popular in homes and offices. Well, the fact is that they are definitely not the same roll tops that your grandmother used to have proudly set in her sitting room! The old roll tops were cumbersome and took up a tremendous amount of space. With time, newer, simpler desk models began to appear, and the space issue was resolved as roll tops faded from view since roll top makers never figured out how to solve the space dilemma. That’s one of the reasons why they went out of fashion so long ago.

Similar to the old roll tops

New roll top computer desks are closer to the size of other types of desks on the market today, but still contain that great roll top feature that was such an attraction generations ago. In addition to its main roll top capability the new desks also have more drawer space below the desk, enabling you to file away your most important documents and papers. Most of the older style roll tops were lacking in this feature. The modern desks generally also retain the many small drawers and compartments that once were used to hold knick knacks and other items.

The advantages of roll top

There are a number of advantages to using roll top computer desks within your overall home décor. To begin with, the roll slat feature enables you to shut the entire unit within its cover, which then hides the entire computer system. This is especially helpful in small apartment settings or in those instances where you want to entertain, but want to protect your expensive computer at the same time. Of course, the fact is that a roll top desk is perfectly designed to hide all of the cords and cables that connect your various computer components together – and that is a feature that is always welcome.

Price can be an issue

Expense can sometimes be an issue when purchasing desks made in this classic style. Nevertheless, if you shop around effectively, you can generally find roll top computer desks at prices comparable to other modern stylings. And while the price of a roll top will never be as low as some pressed board monstrosity, who really wants one of those anyway? Shopping online can give you some great options for cheaper roll tops, as there are sites that sell them and other sites that provide them in auction settings. The only drawback to purchasing a roll top online is that you don’t actually get to see and feel the wood – which is important for many consumers to do before making a purchase.

There is no doubt though that roll top computer desks can be the perfect answer to any number of storage and computer usage needs. Regardless of whether you have limited space or all of the space in the world within your home or office, these desk classics make wonderful and functional additions to your décor that are sure to last a lifetime.