Roll Top Desk

If you are a homeowner looking for a great way to maintain some semblance of organization at the family desk, or operating a home business, one way to store the many odds and ends we all tend to accumulate over time is through the use of roll top desks. These desks are an old classic of desk production that never seems to be completely out of style. Personable and long-lasting, the roll top provides ample storage for your documents and writing implements, and can be used for everything from writing letters to using the computer.

Roll Top Desk Origins

Roll Top Desk Roll top desks have their origins in the 1800s, and are directly related to other desk models of the time – such as the pedestal and Bureau desks that were so popular back then. The roll top differed from those earlier desks by its use of a rolling series of slats that would slide out to cover the desk’s surface when it was not in use. The roll top was also closely related in style to the tambour desk, which had a similar slat sliding feature.

Why it was made?

Roll top desks gained in popularity primarily due to the ease with which the desks could be produced in mass quantities. Early automation in manufacturing enabled the slats to be replicated in an abundant quantity with very little human effort, making the roll top an inexpensive desk unit to create. Other desks of the time required incredible amounts of treatment to ensure that they would last. The roll top, however, had its slats mounted on leather or cloth, enabling the rolling apparatus to maintain its integrity with the passing of time.

Are Roll Top Desks Useful today?

Even today, many homes and even some small offices make use of roll top desks. With the many compartments they contain, and the simple elegance they project with their presence, owning a roll top desk is often considered a sign that you are a person of distinction and enviable style. Form is generally the reason most people choose a roll top, since the function of the unit is not really in keeping with the times. Whereas modern desks contain drawers into which you can store large amounts of documents and paper, the roll top has small drawers and compartments that are ill suited for such storage. Of course, there are roll tops of more recent design that have normal drawers to the sides – primarily designed for computer users – and it is one of these styles that you will be most likely to desire in your home or office.

A touch of history

Many times, homeowners prize roll top desks for the historical flare they add to any living room or den. A roll top desk in the corner of any room can be the centerpiece of a rustic collection of furniture that captivates friends and family alike. Most visitors cannot help but notice the classic desk in the room and marvel at your sense of style. Antique roll tops are especially prized and can command impressive selling prices when taken to auction or presented to collectors.

The Modern Appeal

Roll top desks remain popular for many people though most generally prefer the newer computer style desks to the old classic style. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that your roll top will be a thing of beauty in either the home or office, and a point of interest for all who see it. If you’re someone who stores a lot of paper documents, just don’t forget to locate a classic old style filing cabinet to go with your roll top.